Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Yappy Hour at Pause in Rhinebeck 08.01.09

So, after dinner at Gigi's with the our dogs... a lot of people migrate across the street to the Yappy Hour. Each week a certain theme seems to evolve.... and this week, it was definitely, FRENCHIE FEVER! Check it out.... they seemed SO excited... it was as if they were saying, "Hey, you talk just like me!! You stomp your front feet when you're excited? SO DO I!!!" I have a bunch more pics but Blogger is giving me a hard time uploading so you will have to wait, or, you can visit Printz Photo on Facebook (click on FB page thumbnail on right side of blog someplace) and see all 40! BTW, I'd love peoples' feedback on which they visit more... This Blog, or the Facebook page... as these posts are starting to feel so redundant! Thanks in advance! * Lisa

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