Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Shout out for Gigi's Trattoria, Rhinebeck, NY

If you visit my blog, you love dogs... and so I absolutely HAVE to recommend a restaurant in Rhinebeck to you all. It's called Gigi's Trattoria and it is TOTALLY dog friendly. We ate dinner there yesterday, before going to the Yappy Hour at Pause like we've been doing for a few Saturdays and sat outside. It was an awesome site. Probably a dog at 9 tables out of 10... The waiters and waitresses would bring out the bread and place it on the table for the humans, and simultaneously squat down and place a fresh bowl of water and treats (from Pause) for the dogs! They smoothly and conscientiously navigated the crossed leashes and occasional barking dog as they served the humans their consistently amazing "Hudson Valley Mediterranean" cuisine, crafted from the plethora of fine ingredients available from the local Hudson Valley farms... If you haven't yet, take your dog and go have a great meal!

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