Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Shelter Cats...

I am helping the animals at the Ulster County SPCA by taking photographs for them as well. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting all of the amazing cats, what great personalities! If you're thinking of adopting a kitten.... please think again... there are so many adult cats that have been abused and abandoned that would appreciate your home, even more. Here they are, enjoy.......
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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Guess Who Was a Winner in the Unexpected Pit Bull's "The Pit Bull Who Loved Me Photo Contest!"

I was first introduced to the Unexpected Pit Bull when I was given a calendar a little over a year ago from the people at Animal Farm Foundation. I deeply respect how they set out to, (as they say on their website,) "...celebrate these wonderful dogs and give them a positive visual voice." Their calendar is lovely, I really enjoy the photographs and stories. If you don't have one, and you like Pit Bulls, I highly recommend them! You can order one here. A while back I heard they were having a photo contest entitled, "the Pit Bull Who Loved Me." Well, of course I had to enter my Pit Bull mix, Iggy!! Today, I was pleasantly surprised to discover Iggy was chosen as one of the winners! I feel so honored, and Iggy is thrilled too! (He sensed my excitement and immediately started to yodle....) His is the picture on the upper right hand corner here.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Rest in peace, Beautiful Girl....

I just received an email from Chris, the husband to Meg, an employee at Animal Farm and, best best friend to Jane, informing me that Jane was put to sleep on Wednesday, as her physical problems were causing her great suffering.

Jane was an amazing dog, who carried herself with such grace, and deeply touched everyone she met. Not surprisingly, she chose Meg as her person. When they first met she was a volunteer, and now she's an employee of AFF. Jane recognized Meg was her soul sister, and this post is as much for Meg as it is Jane. I have all the respect in the world for you Meg, Jane was so lucky to have crossed paths with you!

I truly look up to people who dedicate their time and love to these amazing dogs. I realized how much Meg loved Jane when I saw her brought to tears as she opened a Christmas gift from AFF; a coffee mug with Jane's pics on it... She and Chris really wanted to adopt Jane, but they had another female dog, and the two were not compatible. Even though over time Jane became incontinent, Meg and Chris would have still taken her if they could... These are the type of people I love, and the world needs more of!

So on Wednesday, January 21, Meg held Jane's hand as she passed on, out of her broken body, to a better place. I am certain that when Jane is ready, she will return, and she will have the fabulous life she so deserves. I don't think she has any regrets, however... she touched so many people -- and that's what's so important to this fabulous breed. Sacrifice just comes as second nature.

Rest in peace, beautiful girl, and thank you Meg, for all that you do.

With Love,

For more on this story, you can see Animal Farm's Tribute to Jane by clicking here

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy Happy Birthday Iggy, you are my SOUL Dog and I LOVE YOU!!

Iggy's Story:

My best guess is that Iggy is a Pit Bull, Mastiff and American Bulldog mix, with perhaps a smattering of Dogo Argentino. His parents were picked up by Dog Control off the streets of Manhattan. His dad was euthanized immediately, which unfortunately, is not uncommon for dogs that fall under the category, Pit Bull, or Pit Bull cross … His pregnant mom, China, was spared. Fortunately, after she gave birth to her pups, they were all taken in by a Pit Bull Rescue group.

We first learned about Iggy through the Pit Bull Rescue’s website. After completing their adoption application we waited patiently and watched him grow through the photographs that were updated online every week. Iggy remained our favorite in the pictures, and when the pups were 8 weeks old, all the potential adopters gathered to meet them at the official, “puppy party.” We fell in love with him immediately – the biggest and mushiest of them all, Iggy was even cuter in real life. A week later, he was delivered to our house for a “house check,” we passed, he stayed, and the most amazing human – dog bonds ever, began to form.

Iggy quickly grew to be my full time, and official “co-pilot” and super model extraordinaire... His dashing good looks coupled with and his stoic, kind, tolerant, understanding and comical nature, are what inspired me to become an advocate for Pit Bulls and ultimately, to start a pet photography business.

Iggy loves to play with his humans companions, his 3 dog siblings, Taiho, Zoey and Maya, the cat that raised (brainwashed) him, Lukas, and his other cat friend, Jengo. He works hard on the family farm, protecting the chickens from predators and the field, from…. crows? (well, sometimes he takes his job a little too far!)

Today, January 6th 2009, Iggy turns 4 years old. I want to thank him for everything he’s brought to our lives. For the special “Iggy moments” he shares with us all, where he stands up and hugs us and looks DEEP into our eyes until our souls connect…. For the huge effort he puts into communicating his thoughts at all times, through his countless facial expressions, his yodeling, demand barking, subtle gestures, and kisses…. For the games he plays with his 9 year old human sister and her friends, or for how he patiently stands guard by them when they play outside…. For how he tries to save them when they’re swimming, even if they don’t need saving…. For how he places his hand around his mom’s shoulder and his cheek against hers, when they go out for their daily adventures in the car, and for just plain being Iggy.

Happy Birthday Iggy!

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