Sunday, January 25, 2009

Guess Who Was a Winner in the Unexpected Pit Bull's "The Pit Bull Who Loved Me Photo Contest!"

I was first introduced to the Unexpected Pit Bull when I was given a calendar a little over a year ago from the people at Animal Farm Foundation. I deeply respect how they set out to, (as they say on their website,) "...celebrate these wonderful dogs and give them a positive visual voice." Their calendar is lovely, I really enjoy the photographs and stories. If you don't have one, and you like Pit Bulls, I highly recommend them! You can order one here. A while back I heard they were having a photo contest entitled, "the Pit Bull Who Loved Me." Well, of course I had to enter my Pit Bull mix, Iggy!! Today, I was pleasantly surprised to discover Iggy was chosen as one of the winners! I feel so honored, and Iggy is thrilled too! (He sensed my excitement and immediately started to yodle....) His is the picture on the upper right hand corner here.

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