Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Holidays - 2009!

2009 has been a fabulous year for us at Printz Photography and I'd like to thank all of our friends and clients, as it wouldn't have been possible without you!

My hope was to test out my new 5D Mark II during the much anticipated SNOW STORM we were SUPPOSED to get this past Sunday and post those photograph here..... but..... the storm decided to veer around Dutchess County, New York, completely... and while people South of us received between 8" and 20" of the fluffy white stuff, we received ZERO.

Therefore, I will post this picture I took on Sunday instead. My two babies, chillin' in my bed, after a day of baking Holiday cookies...

Happy Holidays all... and best wishes for a 2010 that brings you all that you wish for, and brings you closer than ever before, to your heart. Cheers! (double click to see image in full size)

Saturday, November 28, 2009

A typical November evening.....

Every day, whether it's a clear night with stars as far as one can see, a night so dark one can barely see one's own hand infront of one's face, whether it's raining, snowing, or a full blown storm, I go out to feed and close up the chickens and the goats.

The chickens go in by themselves, each to their own respective coops, (we have 3) but it's my job to close up their doors, to keep the predators at bay.

On one side of our property, there's a strip of forest. The wind blowing through the trees creates what's music to my ears... a choreography of clicking, cracking trees, rustling leaves, often complimented by the sound of a train in the distance traveling up the West side of the Hudson River where the sun has set.

We have over 30 chickens, 1/2 are geriatric and no longer very productive with their egg laying, and more than half of whom just started laying eggs over the last month or two...

No matter how much I resist going out sometimes, as I walk back from the coops and see the goats content as they munch away at their hay.... I love our farm and how it never fails to reconnect me to what's important in life.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sallie Racer

(Double click on images to see full sized.)
Meet Sallie, a very lovely lady available for Adoption at Animal Farm Foundation....

She's a super happy, smilin' Pit Bull

who can balance the World on the tip of her nose!!!

Would you like to welcome Sallie into your home for the Holidays? Fill out an application here!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Give a Gift that Gives - Pay it Forward This Holiday Season!

Do you love Pit Bulls or know someone that does? A friend of mine puts together an amazing Pit Bull Calendar, of which 100% of the proceeds go to Pit Bull Rescue and organizations. They make a great stocking stuffer or gift for a friend, and most importantly, pay it forward... Imagine if everyone gave gifts with this in mind? To order one, please visit The Unexpected Pit Bull's Website.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Autumn Aussies!

Meet Rescue and Bandit, two super smart, adorable, siblings. It was a beautiful fall afternoon and these two were such a pleasure to work with! We did a little sun chasing, but found some great spots down a long trail and along the river. Enjoy ~



Look at those EARS!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

More photos of Emma, the gorgeous Golden and her Mamma!

I don't get to photograph very many people, as honestly, they just don't want to be in the pictures, but this was not the case with Emma's mom, and you can see why... She really photographs beautifully! I had the absolute biggest grin on my face as I processed these pics. The deep bond, and love these two have for one another is sooo evident here. I LOVE seeing this. This is a woman who will stay in Friday night, if Emma was cooped up all day... Who bases her vacations around Emma, etc. I can totally relate to this, and feel I was able to capture this special bond on this amazing fall day, so will share some more of the pics from that day with you here! Enjoy! (click to enlarge!)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Howl'oween @Pause Dog Boutique in Rhinebeck!

Despite the rainy Halloween weather, 42 dogs made it out to the first annual Pause Dog Boutique Howl'oween Dog Costume Parade! A lot of fun was had by all, well, almost everyone! Even the dogs wearing elaborate costumes were "uber" good sports about it!
Double click on images to see in full size!

Adorable Smiling Jack Russel Princess from Russell Refuge, in Rhinebeck!

Another handsome adoptable, from Russell Refuge!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Gorgeous Golden Autumn!

Tia and I had such a good time photographing Emma and her Momma this past weekend. The Fall colors in NY were just amazing, and really compliment these two well! Emma is just the absolute sweetest girl... really... so laid back and happy, it was such a pleasure! Remember to double click on the images to see them full sized.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Holly, Izzy & Harley

I absolutely adore Bostons, and these three were just tooooo cute. There's Harley, a spunky lilttle boy and the youngest of the bunch, and then the two ladies, Izzy and Holly. Tia and I had SO much fun playing with these three!

Harley with his kindling... reminded me a lot of Taiho, our Pit Bull, with his logs for some reason!

Holly and Harley... Harley seemed to absorb Holly's grace whenever he was close to her....

I love how worn out dogs get towards the end of a session.... these were some of the last photos I took that day.

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