Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Dutchess County Fair - 2009

We were thrilled to be at the Dutchess County Fair this year, sharing a space with Pause Dog Boutique & Sirius Dog Training in the Canine Tent! (as always, by clicking on the images you can view them in Full Size.)

The Animal Farm Foundation Crew!

Ashley and her handsome boy, Abe - an amazing ambassador for the Pit Bulls!

This is Bonnie, minding the AFF donations, and YES, this beautiful pup is AVAILABLE! You can fill out an application for her HERE

This amazing girl was walking around collecting money for Laborador Retriever Rescue. She was soooo sweet... can you see how proud she is? Seriously, it was as if those dollar bills inside the basket were her pups or something.... she was so proud of them.

Another one of my favorite rescues in the area is Russell Refuge, of Rhinebeck, NY with all their adorable Jack Russell Terriers.

One of the Dock Diving dogs from Ledgewood Kennels -- Look at that FORM! :-)

The miniscule eggs in the far top right of this incubator hatch the TINIEST little birds... and being in the CHICKEN area, I was under the impression they were chickens too, but for the life of me, couldn't figure out what the heck would be 1/4 the size of a tiny bantam chick! They were so small they had marbles in their waterers to prevent them from drowning! It turns out, they are NOT chickens, they're quail! Very cute little guys, none the less.

A very cute miniature horse and her foal:

I always feel sorry for Elephants at places like this though...

I'm going to end this post with Mr. Camel.

Okay, so this sweet guy... OMG... He was in the petting zoo area, in the center, with goats and sheep all around the perimeter of his little area, so he had to reach his long neck over them to try and get fed, BUT, nobody was feeding him. Why? Because they all thought he was MEAN and would SPIT on them. He was getting increasingly depressed and hurt, swaying back and forth as the crowds continued to demonize him. Feeling badly, Tia and I fed him. We found him to be woefully misunderstood and quite the contrary, very sweet and appreciative ... SO, we convinced a bunch of the folks he was sweet and gentle and made sure they all fed him too, before we left.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thanks to Chris, for Featuring Printz Photography on his site, today - a great Database of Pet Photographers and information for anyone interested in photographing their pet!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Come See US @ the Dutchess County Fair in the Canine Tent and help Feed the Pets of the Homeless!

Come visit us all this week at the Dutchess County Fair at the Rhinebeck Fairgrounds - we're in the Canine Tent! It's a lot of fun, for so many reasons. There are tons of farm animals, and then of course, loads of dogs and dog related events in our tent! We have dock diving just outside, agility inside, tons of rescues and adoptable dogs such as Russell Refuge, Animal Farm Foundation, and of course, US!

I am selling raffle tickets to raise money for a REALLY good cause, Feeding Pets of the Homeless. A ticket gets you a chance to win 3 - 8X10 prints, so if you're considering getting Fall pics of your dog, this would be a huge value, but most importantly, proceeds help some people and pets that REALLY need it.

$1 = 1 ticket
$10 = 12 tickets
$20 = 25 tickets.

100% of the proceeds will be used to supply Dogs and Cats belonging to Homeless People, Food and Veterinary Care! How AWESOME is that? Gives me goosebumps, for some reason...

If you're NOT going to the Fair, or just don't plan on getting a photo session anytime soon, you can still MAKE A DONATION. You can either, send it to me at:

Printz Photography
553 Salt Point Tpke
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

.... and I will send it on to the Pet Food Pantry through the Dutchess County Community Action Partnership in Dover Plains, NY first thing next week or..... If you want to send it directly to them at any time afterwards, you can send it yourself to:

DCCAP Southern Dutchess County (Dutchess County Community Action Partnership)
3414 Route 22
Dover Plains, NY 12522
(845) 877-9272

(photo by Ana Muller)

(photo by Kirsten Bole)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

In Memory of Jasper Jons: ? - August 19, 2009

Jasper came with our house/farm when we moved here 9 years ago. He was the "barn cat" with no name. We promptly dubbed him, Jasper Jons. He seemed thrilled to have a name, and to be considered part of a family. He never came inside the house, he was a true outdoor cat -- that's where he was happiest. He hung out with my boys and their friends in the barn and brought mice and moles to them up in the hayloft. He really was a true ROLE MODEL. Things I've learned from Jasper:

1. savor the moment.
2. we've got everything we need to be happy, inside ourselves.
3. Have no fear.
4. TAKE THE TIME to appreciate the simple things (sunshine, a cool breeze, a gentle shower, a downpour, dusk, dawn, spring, summer, fall, winter) 5. Love, forgive, and love some more.

Jasper Jons passed away yesterday, and though my heart hurts and I miss him deeply, I will carry these lessons I've learned from him with me, always.

I will always love you Jasper, thanks for everything you've contributed to our family.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Pug-a-liscious cuties, Rosie & Mikey!

I first met Rosie and Mikey at Mickey's Mile.... We've looked forward to this session for some time, now... everyone was SO excited... They were just TOO cute!!

p.s. Can you tell which one is from a Rescue??? Point.... bet you can't!

Yappy Hour at Pause in Rhinebeck 08.01.09

So, after dinner at Gigi's with the our dogs... a lot of people migrate across the street to the Yappy Hour. Each week a certain theme seems to evolve.... and this week, it was definitely, FRENCHIE FEVER! Check it out.... they seemed SO excited... it was as if they were saying, "Hey, you talk just like me!! You stomp your front feet when you're excited? SO DO I!!!" I have a bunch more pics but Blogger is giving me a hard time uploading so you will have to wait, or, you can visit Printz Photo on Facebook (click on FB page thumbnail on right side of blog someplace) and see all 40! BTW, I'd love peoples' feedback on which they visit more... This Blog, or the Facebook page... as these posts are starting to feel so redundant! Thanks in advance! * Lisa

Monday, August 3, 2009

Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Shout out for Gigi's Trattoria, Rhinebeck, NY

If you visit my blog, you love dogs... and so I absolutely HAVE to recommend a restaurant in Rhinebeck to you all. It's called Gigi's Trattoria and it is TOTALLY dog friendly. We ate dinner there yesterday, before going to the Yappy Hour at Pause like we've been doing for a few Saturdays and sat outside. It was an awesome site. Probably a dog at 9 tables out of 10... The waiters and waitresses would bring out the bread and place it on the table for the humans, and simultaneously squat down and place a fresh bowl of water and treats (from Pause) for the dogs! They smoothly and conscientiously navigated the crossed leashes and occasional barking dog as they served the humans their consistently amazing "Hudson Valley Mediterranean" cuisine, crafted from the plethora of fine ingredients available from the local Hudson Valley farms... If you haven't yet, take your dog and go have a great meal!

Yappy Hour at Pause in Rhinebeck 07.25.09

Yappy hours at Pause are really turning into a great time for humans and dogs to socialize, if you haven't made it to one yet, they will continue through the month of August every Saturday, so I highly recommend them. Laura has a different special running during each one and her store is open, so you might also end up with a special treat. Each week it takes on a different feel... This gorgeous evening (she's been lucky!) brought an empty back parking lot, and several awesome games of fetch!

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