Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Should I Change my Blog?

I am thinking about upgrading my blog to a Wordpress blog. If you have any experience with them, I'd love to hear your thoughts! One of the reasons I'm considering switching is that it's really difficult to leave comments on a Blogger Blog. I also like how many of the Wordpress Blogs I've seen have much larger photos, nice backgrounds, Flash capability, etc.

If you're a photographer, do you think it's worthwhile to get control a Wordpress Blog via ProPhoto Blogs? It seems for a nominal fee you can get a whole bunch of control options...

If you have any comments, I'd really appreciate your feedback! Do you think the current method of posting on my blog is cumbersome? If it was easier, would you be more inclined to post comments?

Thanks in advance,

* Lisa


Amanda said...

No real advice, but I will be watching with interest! I have a blogspot blog too, so I guess I don't find the commenting cumbersome because I'm used to it. BUT, a fancier layout, bigger photos, etc. all sounds intriguing. ;)

Thanks for visiting my blog a while back!

Lisa Tatsuko said...

Hi Amanda,

I agree.... those of use who have blogspot blogs, don't find it difficult, but I have heard complaints from some folks who don't have an account and don't want to set one up just to comment... I know through Google Analytics that a lot of people this blog, but very few post, so I was wondering if that was why!

Thanks for your feedback Amanda!


hudsonrivercreative said...

I love my prophoto blog. Totally worth the upgrade.

Lisa Tatsuko said...

Okay, thanks, good to hear.... Now I have something "else" to save up for asides from a new camera and lenses!!! :-)

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