Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Handmade Hound

I just had the pleasure of learning about the Handmade Hound. A business started by Brannon Conza. The following is part of an email she sent me:

"I was inspired to start it (her business) because as you may know, greyhounds have nearly no fat below their skin, and so chill quite easily in the cooler weather. A coat is just an absolute must-have. But I figured why overpay for a coat I didn't love when I could happily (and more affordably) sew my own coats for our dog Casey. This blossomed into the idea that I could sew coats for other greyhounds, and even other breeds. As the months went on I decided to add custom & personalized bandanas, as well as all natural handmade dog treats. I also decided to donate 10% of all my net proceeds to the greyhound group I volunteer with (and the one that Casey came from) Greyhound Rescue Rehab of NY. They are a fantastic registered not-for-profit organization who has adopted out roughly 800 dogs in the last 10 year or so - including around 3 dozen over the last several months who were rescues from Guam, where a track closed and dogs were let loose into the jungle. I simply LOVE this organization, and volunteer with them at greyhound meet & greets, but I wanted to do more - so I'm contributing those portions of my proceeds to them."

I can totally identify with Brannon's passion for helping rescue, and admire her efforts. Printz Photography is going to be photographing some of her coats, using our own dogs as "models," so stay tuned for pics! It's so important to support local businesses, I try my best to shop local at all times, I hope you'll consider it too!

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