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This is a cross post for my two friends, Kate Fraser and Beth Connolly. They both work tirelessly at the Pit Bull Rescue org, Animal Farm Foundation. and I have the utmost respect for them, and everything they do for this amazing breed.

Kate wrote:

Subject: A Blog worth reading...

My co-worked and friend Beth Connolly-Horton is not only a lover of animals, and all around good Gal, she is also a talented artist. When we met four years ago, she was working with the horses at the farm and came to work with the dogs "part-time". She had a wonderful little rescued beagle, Bishop, who was a little gray around the muzzle, but had a strong spirit and that unique beagle sense of humor! (He used to honk Beth's car horn if she was late with his lunch!) We used to say that he guarded the pit bulls and when he died peacefully in his sleep at the age of 13, everyone mourned his loss. A couple of months after Bishop left to become an angle, a litter of pups came to AFF and among them Bethy found her next dog, Ziggy Marley. Zig and Beth have an amazing bond and compete (and win) in Rally-O competitions.

It wasn't long after Beth started working with the dogs that she began painting portraits of them. The portrait she did of AFF's Ambassador dog Snoopy was one of her first and it is one of my most cherished possessions. Many portraits have followed, some are of dogs that went on to live happy lives with their adoptive families. Others are of dogs whose journey ended at AFF, but who nonetheless, knew love and caring and compassion perhaps for the first time in their lives.

I believe the people who work with the dogs are also on a journey. Bethy not only found Zig and more recently Kane, she found a passion as an advocate for pit bull dogs that she may not have known if she hadn't made that trip down Puglsey Hill from the stables to the shelter four years ago. I'm sure glad she did. Not only does she capture the dogs through her art, she has also become a great blogger and they are one of her favorite subjects. This is the link to her most recent blog, I think its one of her best so far, please give it a read.

Click here.

All the best to each of you,

Beth has started a new blog, inspired by Holly. It is called Painting4theVoiceless Please visit and become a follower!
* Lisa

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