Thursday, April 16, 2009

New to Animal Farm!

(remember to click on each image to enlarge, and see these guys in all their glory!)

Introducing, Mr. Junior Mint! Junior is just the perfect little gentleman..

and Leonard "Lenny" Kasnowski....

Lenny is adorable, I totally fell in love. (Could it be because he reminded me of my Iggy?!) No seriously, if I didn't have 4 dogs already, I might have snuck him home with me..... I don't know if you can see it in these pics, but he tries VERY hard to please... I absolutely love how when he sits, he deliberately pushes his upper body back... can you see it? I'm told he picks up new tricks very quickly, and would be fabulous for Rally-o or other obedience related competitions - I'm certain he could be a Super Star! (Actually, I believe he thinks he already is!)

And then there's little Squiggy! OMG, this little guys is CUTE! You know how some people wish puppies would just stay puppies? Well Squiggy's tiny -- he could not weigh more than 27 pounds.. I just wanted to squeeze him.

If you're interested in Junior, Lenny or Squiggy, you can fill out an application for them HERE!

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