Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Congratulations to Ziggy Marley & Beth!!!

The following is an email and photograph I received from my friend Beth, mom to Ziggy Marley. Ziggy is a Pit Bull Terrier, brother to our own, Taiho, from the Animal Farm Foundation, where Beth works. They competed in a Rally-O event this weekend. I was/am so moved by her email that I have to post it here, for everyone to see. She's an amazing mom to Ziggy, who works tirelessly to help this breed, for which Ziggy is an absolutely amazing ambassador!

"My biggest wish before we walked into the ring at our first dog show is that Ziggy and I could bring home a blue ribbon. A blue ribbon to those waiting in the kennel for their forever homes. Ziggy found his forever home. This blue ribbon was earned with the kennel dogs in mind. Those waiting for homes, those who found homes, and for those who never will.

All of these dogs have steered through obstacle courses of their own, and every one of them deserves a blue ribbon in their own right!! Ziggy won this for them, and the kennel is where his ribbon will live."

For more about Beth, check out her website HERE!


Beth said...

that has to be the most beautiful dog I have ever seen!!!LOL!!! Thank you so much Lisa...I love it. He is such a good kid...he and his (blood) brother, Taiho!!!!

Lisa Tatsuko said...

Beth I just LOVE the look on his face... the way his little mouth is showing how totally proud he is, while at the same time, kind of wondering what's so cool about the blue ribbons!

Lisa Tatsuko said...

Oh, and PS. I'm a very very proud aunt, can you tell? Posted a link of our FB page too! You guys rock!

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